Reinvent Yourself

Reinvent Yourself

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t1“WOW” is the response most people have to my new look. “Amazing” is also a common word used by friends who are now seeing the outcome. – Becky

t3I am so happy with my rhinoplasty/septoplasty and chin reduction…I truly believe he is the best all around because he is so honest and skilled. – Ashley

t5I love my new look, Dr. Newen’s artistic work has made me feel so vibrant and youthful! -Kim

t7My overall experience with Dr. Newen was wonderful! – Vanessa

t8Dr. Newen has amazing artistic abilities…I am so thrilled with my results – Julianne

t9I’m very pleased with my results; prettier and younger. I feel and look wonderful inside and out, thanks to Dr. Peter Newen and the Image Center. -Thuy

t10I am very pleased with Dr. Newen’s work. He has made me look about 15 years younger and prettier than before -Jackie


Non Surgical Facial Rejuvenation
Julianne Trinh, NP

Defy Aging With Injectables


Mommy Makeover Testimonial, Valerie

Valerie describes her experiences of undergoing a mommy makeover with Dr. Newen. She is thrilled with how the results have changed her life. A mommy makeover usually includes breast augmentation (and/or lift), liposuction, and tummy tuck. The surgery can help you look amazing again, even after having kids.

The Dr. Phil Show Features Dr. Newen

On an episode titled “Change My Face, Change My Race?” Dr. Phil explored how appearances can affect people’s perceptions of one another. On the show, people were shown pictures of an Asian, an African American, and a Caucasian woman, and were asked to guess what the women’s occupations might be was and who they thought was most attractive. Interestingly, most people thought the Caucasian woman was an executive and most attractive, while the Asian and African American were thought to be blue collar workers and not as attractive. Dr. Phil features Dr. Newen as an expert on one of the most popular procedures in the Asian community, asian double eyelid surgery, and debates “westernizing” one’s features to be considered more attractive.

The Ricki Lake Show Features Dr. Newen

Ricki Lake explores what a “monolid” is and why it is one of the most popular procedures amongst Asians. Our beautiful patient Ashley Seo explains how she feels so much better about herself after undergoing the procedure with Dr. Newen. It’s not about westernizing your look, it’s more about wanting to look better for yourself.

KTLA News Features Dr. Newen – Medical Mission

Dr. Newen of Image Plastic Surgery @ The Image Center is interviewed by KTLA News for his medical mission work with Project Vietnam and Plasticos Foundation. Along with other surgeons, Dr. Newen dedicated his time and expertise to perform reconstructive surgery on children born with birth defects such as cleft lip and palate. Most of the children have grown up being feared, ostracized, and hidden from the public. The life changing surgery they received from the doctors give them a better life and hope for their future.

CBS News Features Dr. Newen – Upper & Lower Eyelid Rejuvenation

Dr. Peter Newen of Image Plastic Surgery at The Image Center was featured on CBS for his unique techniques for rejuvenating the eyes with upper and lower eyelid surgery. In this video Dr. Newen describes how he does his surgery differently to achieve a more natural result for his patients. The upper and lower eyelid lift is a wonderful way to restore youth and beauty to the eyes.

Dr. Newen Wins Grand Prize @ THE Aesthetic Awards 2011

Dr. Peter Newen takes home the Grand Prize at THE Aesthetic Awards for winning the Best OverallPatient Enhancement competition for his facial rejuvenation results at THE Aesthetic Show in Las Vegas. He also won the Best Overall Facial Makeover Award. One of the biggest shows in the aesthetic industry, THE Aesthetic Show took place at The ARIA Resort in Las Vegas, NV from June 2-5, 2011. Drawing in thousands across the country, industry leaders, physicians and clinicians met to discuss the newest technology and technique available today and that what may be coming soon. THE Aesthetic Awards was a black tie event to acknowledge and honor the best clinical outcomes in aesthetic medicine. Hosted by The Doctors Dr. Andrew Ordon, the event was judged by a panel of renowned plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and members of the media.

Dr. Peter Newen’s Surgery Reconstruction Medical Mission

In March 2015, Dr. Peter Newen joined the Project Vietnam Foundation on their Spring 2015 medical mission trip as part of the surgical team to perform cleft lip and palate surgery on some of the country’s poorest children. Some of the children had gaping holes when they smiled. Others had to lay flat to eat, to prevent the food from coming out of their noses. The reconstructive surgeries that Dr. Newen performed were life changing experiences for the children.

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